Double Mag, w/ Webbing Flap, folded bottom

A great double mag pouch tutorial from the forum, written by Diz.

Here is another way to make a pouch. This time I’m gonna use 3″ webbing as a base for the back wall and the flap. The 3″ webbing is 14″ net (28″ total). The pouch itself is very straight-forward. 7 3/4″ wide by 8 1/8″ in length.

Next we’ll add a 4″ long piece of 2″ webbing and loop velcro. I left 1″ hanging off the pouch for a pull tab.

Next comes the hardware.

Then I folded the edges over 3/8″ and sewed the pouch sides to the back.

This time I am using the folded technique again for forming the bottom.

Now let’s close the bottom.

Then we’ll add some Velcro to the top flap.

Now we’ll put loops on for the shock cord.

Now we’ll throw on the shock cord.

And here’s the finished pouch front.


And here’s a widely used technique. You tuck the flap over the back mag, leaving the front mag exposed and ready to grab.

I like this design. It’s clean and simple to execute. You could double up the pouch body on this one, or maybe run a webbing strip inside as before. This one is cut at 5″ for pouch height although 6″ would work as well.

Here’s another variation I was playing with yesterday. I put a piece of type 12 webbing as a chaffing strip down the middle. I like this stuff because it is light and thin but strong. Kinda like a 1 3/4″ piece of binding tape on ‘roids. This would also be a very good place for non-skid. Gives just a bit more strength to a single wall pouch where it’s needed.

On this one I cleaned up the flap a little with a 2″ square piece of velcro and tucked in corners which tuck inside the pouch easier. Notice I’m using a 3/4″ setback on the velcro for a pull tab. I also went to 5 1/2″ pouch height which fits nicely right under the Magpul.


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