3 Mag, Pistol Mag Pouch

Here is a Pistol Mag Pouch tutorial that has been taken from the forum, Another great step by step written by Diz…

This time we’re going to make a basic pistol 3-mag pouch (you shoot a Glock, right?).

We’ll start out with the layout. The pouch back is about 10″ x 6 1/8″. This will be folded in half on the 10″ dim. The pouch panel it self is about 11″ x 5 1/2″ with the 11″ dim being horizontal.


We’ll start by sewing the back together. Fold the back piece over, inside out and sew down three sides. Turn right side out, fold over last wall and stitch closed. See Chest Rig 101 for the basic technique if you are unfamiliar with it.

Now we’ll add the mag flaps. You’ll notice we are using 1″ 668 webbing, cut about 9 3/4″ long. (I’m using 1″ webbing here because we are going to go with “paraclete” style dims here, which mean the pouches will be tight fitting and it leaves very little room for larger webbing. But the upside is the pouch fits the PALS grid much better.) Box stitch in place, centered in each mag space. Leave just enough room at the bottom for the bottom fold to go in, but low enough to pick up the snap stud.

Now flip it over and add PALS straps. These are about 6 5/8″ long. Box “X” them in place, being careful to pick up the webbing underneath, so both pieces are neatly Box “X” d in place. Add the PALS cross webbing (only one in this case).

Next fold the straps over (about 1″) and “Z” stitch down, in prep for snaps.

Now let’s test fit for the mag flaps. Double fold and double stitch the top of the pouch panel. Clamp the pouch panel on, put the mags in, and mark the pouch center and where the flap will end.

Now we’ll make the velcro panels. Cut 3 pieces of 1″ webbing, about 2 1/4″ long. Sew on loop velcro. Sew to center of each mag pouch. Leave about 1/2″ hanging over top of panel. Sew in three horizontal rows, two at the top and one at the bottom, if you want to use shock cord for tension. If not, box “X” it on.

Add hardware. I’m using mil black Durable snaps, using the shorter, 3/16″ stem on the top piece. You’ll want the longer 1/4″ stem of you use a stiffener. (Someone asked me this the other day so I thought I’d specify.)

OK, now we’ll join the pouch panel ro the back. Clamp in place, start on one side, sew down the edge, 3/8″ SA (seam allowance), 1/16″ ED (edge distance). I start at the top, sew to the bottom, spin the work, sew back to the top, then sew about half-way down. Do all three vertical rows.

Now put in the bottm seam. Fold each cell over, centered, and clamp down. Triple stitch. See PM 101 for more details.

Now test fit the mags again. This time we’ll see where the top flaps fall for attaching hook velcro.

And sew on hook velcro. Notice I put about 7/16″ set back for a pull tab. Makes getting the flap open a lot easier.

Next we’ll add loops for shock cord. I’m using type III tape, cut about 1 1/2″ long. Sew on four loops, on the sides and inbetween each pouch. Line them up even with the top edge of the back PALS cross web. “Z” stitch in place.

Add shock cord. In this case I used a single piece of about 25″. If you are using a cord lock, add an inch. I stopped using them and just tie off the cord.

And the finished pouch front.

And the back.

If you recall I mention up front that I was making this “Paraclete” style. A little more explanation. In the days before PALS, a lot of people made the pistol mag pouches a little wider to allow for 1 1/2″ webbing flaps. The only problem with that is it doesn’t lend itself well to PALS spacing. So now a lot of people make the pouches a lot narrower (more form-fitting) to line up with 1 1/2″ spacing, but this doesn’t allow any room for stitching the pouch to the base, without the 1 1/2″ flaps interfering with the presser foot. So now 1″ webbing is used as a top flap to allow the presser foot to get into the areas between the pouches, but even at that I use a zipper foot. (You can also use a break front format with 1 1/2″ flaps but it’s tight.) So now the 3-mag pouch lines up with your PALS grid on your vest or carrier, but you lose a little coverage on the top flap. If this is unacceptable to you, extend the pouch cell dimensions to make room for 1 1/2″ flaps and adjust the PALS straps on back accordingly (add at least 1/4″ for each mag cell). But be advised it will no longer line up with your PALS grid (it will hang over into the two adjacent spaces) but if this isn’t an issue, drive on.

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